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H2O Marketplace

H2O Marketplace is a new App Store feature using which customers can obtain new apps and app upgrades in a self-service manner directly from a central H2O-managed App Repository.

App-scoped secrets

Unlike Locally imported apps , each app imported via the H2O Marketplace has its own independent secret namespace that is scoped to all versions of the app. Secrets that are scoped to an app have a visibility of APP and a parent equal to the app's name (see Basic concepts for details).

For example, if a marketplace app sampleapp requires a secret test, there has to be secret test with visibility APP and parent app:sampleapp.

This restriction primarily exists to avoid unintended secret name conflicts between local apps and marketplace apps or between two marketplace apps.

Unlike local apps, where secrets are largely managed by app developers, secrets for marketplace apps are managed by admins; see the CLI documentation.