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Using apps

Finding an app on the App Store page

  1. Go to the App Store page in H2O AI Cloud to find the app you want in a matter of seconds by looking through the categories or by simply typing part of the app's name or description in the search bar.

search app by category search app in search bar

  1. Click the particular app tile to open the App details page.

    The app details page includes a description of the app, the app owner's details, the date and time app was created and last updated, and other metadata.

    It also shows your instances of the app and everyone else's instances you have access to .

Running your own app instance

In the AI App Store each user is usually running their own instance(s) of an app as opposed to sharing a single instance across all the users.

The App Store fully manages the app instance lifecycle on behalf of its users. See App instance to find out more information.

Click the Run button to start your own instance of the app.

Running your own instance

You can further manage the new instance on the My Instances page.


Not every app is runnable by every user. Some apps, like apps with managed instance lifecycle, are meant to be shared by users and not started by each user individually.

Visiting an instance

You can visit/use any app instance as long as the instance status is deployed and either you own the instance or the visibility is set to All Users.

The best place to find and manage your own instances is on the My Instances page or the App Details page under the My Instances tab.

Instances owned by other people that you can visit/use can best be found via the App Details page under the All Instances tab.

Managing instances on My Instances

If the app instance is running, the status of the app instance shows up as "Deployed". You can visit your app instance only if its status is deployed.

Additionally, you can pause a running app instance by clicking the Pause button. Now the app status will change to "Paused".

You can click Resume to continue the execution of the app.

Also, you can terminate a deployed app instance by clicking Terminate from the drop-down menu. The app instance will be deleted permanently.

Managing app instance

To see logs of a running instance, visit the My Instances page and click the Instance log link in a particular app tile.

Instance log

You can view the logs of the current process as well as the previous process. Also, to obtain the entire log, you can simply click the Download button.