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Version: 1.2.0

Downloads page

This page contains the downloadable artifacts you will need for running Feature Store.

Feature Store artifacts


The following are the clients you can use to connect to Feature Store. You only need one depending on which environment you are using.


Python 3.7 or later is required to use the Feature Store Python client. You can install the Python client through several different methods. The simplest is via pip:

pip install h2o-featurestore

You can also install the Python client using of the of the following packages:


You can install the Scala client package using the following link:


Feature Store can integrate with Snowflake. You can install the Snowflake Client package using the following link:


Feature Store uses GRPC as its communication protocol. If you use Java, you can use the GRPC API to connect to Feature Store. This is the download link for Feature Store's Java GRPC API client library:

Azure Gen2 Spark dependencies

If you are using Azure Gen2 as the Feature Store storage cache, you will need Spark.

Kubernetes deployment

You can use helm charts to deploy Feature Store in a Kubernetes cluster.

K8s helm charts

This is the file you need to install Feature Store in Kubernetes: