Welcome to H2O.ai Tutorials

H2O.ai created AI Tutorials out of inspiration for democratizing open source, distributed machine learning. Our tutorials are open to anyone in the community who would like to learn Distributed Machine Learning. Tutorials housed in our new H2O.ai Learning Center are targeted at people of all skill levels. Earn badges by completing the Self-Paced Tutorials or Instructor-Led Courses

If you run into problems that prevent you from completing a tutorial, head on over to H2O.ai Community (Hac) and chat with Data Scientists from all over the world. If you are certain there is an issue with the tutorial, please create a new issue on Github, and we will do our best to resolve it.

Interested in contributing updates or new tutorials? Fix issues, help clarify topics, update a tutorial to be compatible with the newest releases, or even create a brand new tutorial!

For other Driverless AI versions of the tutorials visit our GitHub repository:

Driverless AI Tutorials Learning Path:

Driverless AI Tutorials Learning Path

H2O-3 Tutorials Learning Path:

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